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citrus arcenciel
Ha. Well I guess you're not a true member of the Sims community until you've been written about on SimSecret. It's a compliment really. ;)

I just wanted to say that I don't mind feedback, constructive comments, or requests - as long as you come to me personally, either through a PM or a comment. Maybe I sound like I'm whining, but honestly I find passive-aggressive behavior (like posting a complaining secret) to be the worst sort of whining.

If you would like to tell me anything - whether you think I should die or keep writing, or that you want to run a koala farm with me, please tell me directly. Thank you! :)


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That secret was stupid anyway. Who is paying that close attention to notice you're ~omg a day or two early? I know, rules are rules, but I really don't give a shit, as long as someone isn't posting legacy ads multiple times a day or something...

I agree, but I guess I'll just adhere more ~closely~ to the rules. ;) Also, it never bothers me when people post every two days or so, even. As long as it's a new update, they haven't posted it before in the comm, and the image isn't obnoxiously big, I don't mind. But oh well. Some people just get butthurt over the silliest things.

Someone had far too much time on their hands when they created that secret, me thinks!

But hey, I'd totally run a koala farm with you :)

I agree!

Did you know that every so often they get so ~high~ off eucalyptus leaves that they just fall out of the trees? How epic is that?

Yes, also they like swimming in ice-cream buckets, trufax, I seen it on the internets.

Am I the only one who didn't get that secret at all?

But anyways, about that koala farm...:P

Hahaha it took me a second to get it. But oh well. ;)

And I'll write you down for the koala farm. We shall roam around, and harvest the cute.

Ooh yesh, I can't wait to get a hold of a crowd of koalas :P

You know what, I really don't get the secret. Mind if you explain?

That comment totally confused me when I first read it. I was like 'whut!?' and even reading it multiple times doesn't make it seem any less dumb. It doesn't bother me how many times people put up a new update :3 The only thing that does is make me feel lazy for not being quicker with my own.

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