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Prosperity Challenge - Victory Springs (Round 1)
citrus arcenciel
After my old legacies went kapowie, I decided that I wanted to do a more story-based challenge. So - a prosperity challenge! There are five families living out their lives in Victory Springs - all with unique life stories. I rolled for everything. :) I didn't want to do an intro, I'm just going to jump right into it.

Family #1: The Ortiz Family

Hey! My name is Tuula. I'm the one sitting on the couch.
Those other two losers is my twin brother Ron - who is 17 - and my little brother Frankie, who is 5.
Our parents died a few months ago, and it has been up to me and my brother to take care of Frankie.
They left us a big house and lots of money...but life is still hard.

Luckily, we have lots of neighbors to help us.
All the elderly women in the neighborhood come to share the burden.

Unfortunately, sometimes they were troublemakers themselves.

Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Ricci really hate each other.

I used to be a breakdancer. Nowadays I don't seem to have much time,
but I try and sneak it into daily life as much as possible.

Frankie is always out on the front porch, selling lemonade. We let him keep the money he makes.
Plus, I think it helps me keep his mind off Mama and Papa's accident.

Most of the time, Ron is a model brother.  He tries to help Frankie with his homework,
even when Frankie is less than willing.

Sometimes, though, I wonder how I'm going to get through all of this.

Ron and I share a goal of getting into Simvangelical Academy, so we figured we'd give it a try.

We didn't get in though. It's times like these that really stress me out.
How will I ever get into a good college?

Did I say Ron was a model brother? I mean he's a model douchebag.

Frankie gets along really well with the kids in the neighborhood, though. He is best friends with little
Rodrigo Ricci, so they're always running around and getting underfoot.

Meanwhile, I had let my studies lapse. It's so hard feeding two growing boys,
and making sure they don't destroy the house. I don't know how my Mama did it.

Ron was having issues too. He was doing just as badly as I was in school, and would frequently
sneak off to the bathroom to have a good cry. I would always pretend not to hear.

Since I could no longer afford breakdancing lessons, I tried to divulge myself in piano. I enjoy it,
but it isn't quite the same.

Ron was never good at venting his feelings though. He started having anger management issues.
Sometimes he'd even start fights in public.

The last straw was when he smacked me at the rollerskating rink.

We got into such a huge fight, we didn't even notice when Frankie fell and sprained his ankle.
Ron and I felt so badly about our negligence, we vowed to quit fighting then and there.

Soon enough, it was Frankie's birthday. He was going to be 13! In a way, it would be a bit of a relief -
one of us would no longer have to rush home after school to take care of him.
We could all have jobs now, and social lives.

Frankie grew up to be as cute as ever.

I think the biggest news this summer is when Ron came out of the closet though. As for me, I'm fine with it.
I just wish he hadn't decided that the guy I had my eye on was the one for him.
Oh well, great minds think alike! ;)
Family #2 - The Parkers

Hey ya'll! My name is Cindy Parker. After my no-good daughter and her husband skipped out on
their daughter Marina and their four tiny tots - Ayden, Andrius, Yordan, and Jason - I decided to move them
into my house and take care of them.

Sometimes running after those tator tots can be pretty taxing on these old bones of mine.
But they are so adorable...

Marina is also growing up to be quite a lady. She helps me around the house whenever she can.

She always has a smile on her pretty face. The boys love her.

There's this smug bitch around the neighborhood, though. Minerva Ricci.
She will not hesitate to harass me.

Most of our time was spent teaching the kids everyday lessons. With four of them, it took quite awhile.

It was rewarding every time, though. I love my grandbabies.

Soon enough, they were all grown up - my handsome little men!

The boys still needed to be taken care of though - Marina sure has her hands full after school.

Which is why I changed to the day shift at work. Now Marina works as a Mascot for her high school.
She needs to have some time for her social life, like any kid.

In no time at all, she was friends with the paper boy, Michael. I sense some sparks!

I was so proud of her when she got promoted. That's my girl!

Family #3 - The Rapps

Why, hello there! I'm Barbie Rapp.

I'm taking care of my son Friedrich's little boy Otto while he and his wife are deployed on a
military base in South Simmerica.

I figured he might be lonely, so I adopted a puppy named Midnight for him to play with.

I also meant this great guy, named Peter. His sense of style was a little...unique.
But boy, was he a looker!

He wasn't that into me though.

I was never much of a cook, but Otto is a growing boy and he's always hungry. So I braved the stove.
Unfortunately...quite a fire resulted.

Otto keeps having nightmares every night. I worry about him.

He spends most of his time at the ballet barre nowadays.

Maybe having Midnight to play with will help him out. Poor boy must be lonely.

But soon enough, it was his birthday!

Otto's a charming little boy. I have big dreams for him.

Family #4 - The Riccis

My name is Roddy - short for Rodrigo. But I hate when people call me that. Yuck.
I live with my mom, Viviana, and my Nonna Lorena and my great-aunt Minerva.
My dad divorced my mom a couple of years ago.

When we moved in, my mom took no time in trying to find a girlfriend. She's been real lonely,
I think, ever since Dad left.

Life has been hard around the house. My Nonna lost her job as an Aerobics Instructor.

And Aunt Minerva is...well, Aunt Minerva. She mainly just watches TV in bed.

My mom finally met somebody though. Her name is Christy. She seems nice enough.

My Nonna Lorena has been teaching me how to cook. I really like it.

In her spare time, she tinkers around and makes toy robots for me.
Aunt Minerva doesn't really do anything. She likes to gossip.

My grades have gotten better too! My teacher, Miss Autumn, says I'm great at math.

There's also this girl who won't leave me alone. But she's okay, I guess.

My mom told me she was going to ask Christy to be part of our family.

She said yes. She bought me lots of toys when she moved in. I think she wants to be my friend.

She can be kind of strict though.

But then she turned around and did some weird things! Who takes a sponge bath in the kitchen?!

Christy and Mom had a talk and decided they wanted to adopt a baby. Her name is Andrasteia.
She is green!

I have to admit though, for something green, she's pretty cute.
Mom says she's an allium. Or something like that.

Then it was my birthday! Finally, I would be a teenager.

I think I look pretty damn good now. I got the Ricci nose, though.

Oh, and that girl still won't leave me alone. But now we're good friends. She's a colorful character.

I'm starting to really like Christy and baby Andra.
Family #5 - The Wei Girls

Hey, I'm Lixue!! I like rain, pink, and art.

Ugh, Lixue, can't you ever be serious?
I'm Yan. I'm the normal, older sister.

Lixue & I decided to move out to pursue our own lives.
Lixue is hooking up with the girl next door, Angel.

They move quickly.

I'm more into the whole "taking it slow" thing.

But that's not to say that I'm not a charmer myself! I get along well with our neighbor, Chase.

Okay, well, maybe I'm no better than Lixue.

Speaking of, ever since we moved out, Lixue's been getting back into chess.
She used to be really wonderful at it. Still is, I bet.

I spend most of my time skilling up for my job as a Natural Scientist, and working on robots.

Lixue's more creative. She's thinking about starting a band here in Victory Springs.

When she's not hard at work trying to work her way through culinary school.

I'm trying to focus more on practical things this summer.

Hope you enjoy. This is to get me back into Simming...and I'm having fun with it. I think I may start back up with the Arcenciels.

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I can't believe you survived four toddlers!

Me either! It explains why there are so little pictures, haha.

I enjoyed reading this. Hope to read more soon.

Where are your hairs from? They're pretty.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

And my hairs are from all over - mainly I download them from Garden of Shadows, though. I like their Nouk retextures.

I loved reading this! it's so good :P
I can't wait to see more

Thank you! :) Prosperity challenges are a nice change of pace. I like switching from family to family, haha.

I hope your game issues are resolved, by the way!

This is off to a great start! I just recently moved Christy Inada (I think?) into my 'hood too, I love her! I had never played her before. It's cool how you have enemies already! LOL And I adore the Wei girls, they're gorgeous.

Thank you! :) And yes, I love having Christy in the house too. She came with a gajillion skill points and a sweet job, so that was definitely a plus, haha.

Yeah, it took literally FIVE minutes for Minerva & Cindy to hate each other and have a smackdown in the back. Re-donk-u-lous.

And I love the Wei girls too! <3 I was annoyed with the amount of elders I got, but hey, random is random!

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