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The Arcenciels - TAKE TWO! - 1.1 (Yellow)
citrus arcenciel
So, after much thought, I decided to bring back the Arcenciels. The concept was so much fun, and I'd like to continue it. So here goes!

Meet Sunny Arcenciel. :)
...Oh, damn it, wait a minute.
Sunny, what did I tell you about smiling?
Sunny Isn't this smiling? D:<
No. Try flipping it around.

Sunny Like this? 8D
Much better! Thank you, dear. *headdesk*

We'll leave our ray of sunshine to play in the sand while I tell you her stats:

Sunny Arcenciel
LTW: Have 50 First Dates
(Ha, yeah right. What do you think this is, an Adam Sandler movie?)
Taurus (2/5/2/10/6)
Turn-Ons: Logical, hats
Turn-Off: Charismatic

Rolled her a job in the Entertainment track. I think it suits her.

And now, a trip to the park, with Sunny Arcenciel:


That is the face of pure, petrified terror. Yes, indeedy.

Also, so you know, Sunny is like a giant puppy.
She runs around and gets herself involved with everything she sees.
I love her.

OMG. Sexy pink-eyed bartender (SPEB) serves up ~sex on the beach~

That's right, charm SPEB! With his sexy pink eyes. :)
Every guy likes a girl with a sense of humor, right?

...That's not what I meant. Can you please put your clothes back on, Sunny?

Well, it's been one day, and you haven't found a husband.
In Sim legacy years, that's an eternity. You're practically an old maid by now. ;P

Well, I can't have my founders be old maids, now can I?
Plus, I'm just a little in love with SPEB myself.

Autonomous cuddling! Awwww.

My devious plans, they have succeeded.

SPEB, because you are the sexiest pink-eyed bartender the world has ever known, and I am
the sexiest topaz-butterscotch-eyed (wee, thanks bondchick_nett ) the world has ever known,
marry me so we can have adorable chilluns?

Naturally, he also agreed to a hastily-procured marriage in the Arcenciel kitchen.

This is where I realize I have only one neon-yellow hair for men. So, until I go digging at GoS 
for another...

Plain blond will have to do.
Oh, and SPEB's name? BALTHAZAR.
No, I am not kidding <3<3<3

My first pass-out of the game, and it's the sim I control. Yay me.

SPEB is really quite self-sufficient. Maybe I should've picked the first failboat that sailed
along, instead of the fancy pink-eyed yacht.

Don't make me rename you Edward, you creepy fuck.
There will be no mention of Twilight in my legacies, y'hear?

Well, I forgive him. He was just waiting ~patiently~ for his chance to sex her up.

Balthazar Are you serious? THIS IS MY SALADE. MY CHEF SALADE. NOT YOURS.
Sunny *doesn't give a fuck about whether or not it's your salad*

Inappropriate sponge baths are INAPPROPRIATE.
There was an empty shower, by the way. She just prefers the feel of a damp sponge, toes against tile,
and a fresh breeze upon her buttcheeks.

simrouge *does a happy little Sim!God dance*

Damn, girl. Someone's having some morning sickness!

...How could you not like kittens. How?

LOOK AT THE CUTE (and the somewhat sad)

Sunny POP!
Sunny's PJ's *are flagrantly not yellow, they are blue. BLUE!!!!!*

Okay, well this kind of makes up for you hating kittens.


Defending kittens is hard work. It's why they don't have a committee for it in the UN.
Everybody just keeps falling asleep and nothing gets done, except for giggling over LOLcats.

Sunny HEY! OVER HERE! Clean this bathroom.
Sunny's Maternity Wear *didn't get the rainbow legacy memo*

Did I mention that Sunny is a classy, classy broad?
I should call her "Toots."

Balthazar *brings new meaning to "Hot Dog"*

...Labor. You're doing it wrong.

Yesss. That's right.

Don't act so shocked. This whole thing wouldn't have happened if you didn't put your wingwang in her wong.

*holds her breath with anticipation*

I guess Balthazar was afraid of babby.

It's okay, sweetie. You'll probably never touch him anyway.

Here's Citrus!

He didn't inherit Balthazar's pink eyes, but he probably inherited the crazy.
I hope.

If not, he probably inherited it from Sunny.
simrouge *shudders*

Nothing tightens up your vayjayjay quite like couch jumping.

...They have done nothing hobby-wise. This makes no sense.
Oh well. We'll take it!

Genie *Yawwwwn.* Why have you awakenth me. I know I look fabuloth but I mean, reallly.
Well, hurry up and make your wisth.

Genie Er, hello? Wisth time?

...she wished for wealth, since they had a total of $50.

And then this man walked by and hit on Sunny.

I hate you, ACR.

No, I really, really hate you sometimes.


Sunny *sobsob*
Creepy Redhead Now, now. You can come cry on my peen.
simrouge DDDDDDDDD:

Balthazar *looks kind of like the dude from Heroes, Y/Y?*


Birthday time!
(God, this picture is shitty for some reason)


Okay, plz to be not scarring the children. Thanks.

:(((( Sorry, bb.

Then he got over it. He knows she's a fine piece of ass.
And that the couch is a piece of shit with like 2 comfort points.

Does this mean I can't sleep around anymore?


Stop bitching and feed your child. I will NOT have another Arcenciel taken away by a
social worker in generation one.

Okay. So apparently the only fail this update involves me not putting a roof on the nursery.
*facepalm* Citrus almost froze to death.


She better not be pregnant again, or so help me god...

This sprog is enough to care for.


Sunny Oh my gosh that was so scary, I dreamed I was pregnant but then simrouge 
cheated and used the Pregnancy Scanner and luckily I wasn't.

He was born with black hair...

He also grew up badly (big surprise) but he has elf ears!! *squee*


Hair Changing Freak *passes the fuck out*

Balthazar What?! You want to try for another baby?


Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 1
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Pass-Outs: 7
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0

You know what, guys? Being heavily medicated due to wisdom teeth extraction is the best thing ever. I apologize if I was a bit too hyper. ;)
I hope you enjoyed! Next time...well, there will be more randomness, probably.

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Yay, Back! Sunny has a great crazy face

Haha yes, she certainly does! :)

Yay!!! That was great. The post-birth shot of Sunny will probably haunt my dreams tonight.

Oh, when I had my wisdom teeth out and they gave me vicodin, it was the first day I ever saw Alice in Wonderland. My ex-bff called me, and she knew immediately what I was watching from me freaking out. That was an interesting morning, and I haven't watched that movie since. I also never took vicodin again, since I found out I was allergic, but still I wouldn't have taken it again after all that confusion over talking flowers and flying pencils...

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :) And yes, that picture is terrifying *shudders*

Hahaha when I first took a Vicodin, I nodded off and had a dream involving elephants, a stripper pole, ice cream, and Josh Holloway/Sawyer from Lost. It was wonderful, but probably not as wonderful/frightening as your experience haha.

You're back, hoorah!

I loved the "cry on my peen" line. Winwin.

And ouch with the wisdom teeth extraction! Hope you heal quickly ;)

Haha yay! :)

And lol that one was taken from real life, sadly. I had broken up with my boyfriend a week or so ago, and one of my guy friends was joking and said, "Oh, it's ok, you can cry on my peen" and I laughed so hard. I felt it needed to be incorporated in.

And thank you :)

Sunnny is so cute! great update :D

I know, I love her :) Thank you!

Ooo. Sunny's hair! -wants to touch-


Thats what every parent dreads! ^
I love Sunny, she's speshul. :]]

Hahaha it looks so sofffffft.

And oh god, if my kid was a hair changing freak...I don't know what I'd do. :-o

I love Sunny too :)

Sunny makes some pretty awesome faces!! :D
And poor, Balthazar, he's a romance sim and he freaks out when Sunny does something that he should be doing. Jealousy can make a man angry xD;;

Haha I know, I hit the jackpot with her. :)

And I bet Balthazar is jealous...he hardly gets any ass, and his Pleasure sim wife does. ;) I wouldn't have a problem if he initiated something with a walk-by but he just sits and plays with Citrus all day. :P

balthazar DOES look like the guy from heroes. i don't watch that show either, but in those pictures, at least.. haha. except milo doesn't have pink eyes.
i'm glad you decided to re-do the arcenciels. i was re-reading the old ones right before you put this one up and feeling bummed that it was gone, and then i was quite pleased when this one came up. :D
i love sunny's crazy faces. hopefully there is better luck with the social worker this time around. :]

haha i didn't notice he looked like him until he was holding citrus, and i thought to myself - goodness, he looks like a celebrity...

and i'm glad i decided to redo them too. they were so much fun. i enjoy the crazy it brings. it all depends on the founder, but i lucked out and this one brings the crazy as much as daffy did (although there is considerably less fail)

haha watch, now that you said that, the social worker will come and steal my babies away. ;)

the picture of daffy after the social worker came and DAFFODIL ANGRY is easily the funniest picture/caption i have ever seen in any legacy i've read.
sunny is not as crazy, but she's growing on me too.

and i hope i did not jinx your babies! :'(

Awww. Thank you. You have warmed my heart. XD

I don't think I'll ever have a sim as crazy as Daffodil again. I miss the girl. :(

Hahha I hope you did, because the more fail the better. ;)

Glad you decided to start again! I definitely enjoyed this update and I look forward to more updates!

Thank you! :) I'm glad I did too haha.

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