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Sims 3 Meme
citrus arcenciel
Stolen from brilliantcat . The rules are simple: choose the 5 traits from Sims 3 you think fit you the best. The list of traits can be found here.

My traits:
  1. Artistic
  2. Bookworm
  3. Flirty
  4. Over-Emotional
  5. Heavy Sleeper
I can also throw in Great Kisser, Hates The Outdoors, Party Animal, Ambitious, and Friendly.

I probably won't get The Sims 3, since my computer can't handle it, but this was fun anyway haha.

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I'm contemplating getting rid of TS2 a few months after TS3 comes out, just to see what 3 is like. I feel like people will start talking endlessly about it and I'll see it in legacies everywhere and get I'll jealous, but who knows.

Yeah, I may do that and put TS3 on my family's computer, but I'm not sure. Or I may just eventually splurge and buy a new computer but I doubt it. I know I'll get jealous of other peoples' legacies too, though. All the bright and shiny, haha.

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