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The Kirby Random Legacy 1.0
citrus arcenciel

I've been gone from the Sims for awhile, and have made a triumphant return. Complete with an adorable founder with elf-ears and a fiance that looks oddly like my boyfriend. Or perhaps not too oddly...I'm in a long-distance relationship and I like looking at him dammit. /sims3confessions

I chose to do the Random Legacy Challenge, which - for those who don't know - is a legacy where every single part is random/rolled. I will post the rules & descriptions for each so that you guys can stay in the know.

The rules for Generation 1:

That said...please meet Tabatha Kirby and Bryant Keene, her fiance.

For this generation, the goal is for Tabatha and Bryant to reach the top of their careers and related skills. In Tabatha's case, that means reaching Level 10 of the Vocalist career, and I chose to max out guitar in addition to that challenge (I know, I'm nuts). Since Bryant's "career" is Collecting, I'm going to collect everything that can be collected. Technically I'm exempt from taking him to the top of the career, so to speak, but I'm going to try anyway!

The Misc. Fun for this generation is "Live Your Trait," where you have to choose one of your heir's 5 traits to live by. For Tabatha, I chose her Diva trait. Should be interesting! For Bryant, I chose Natural Cook.

I had Tabatha and Bryant move into Starlight Shores, home to the rich and famous,
and to the nobodies who want to be rich and famous.

Tabatha: "You mean we have to rub elbows with nobodies?"
SR: Honey, hate to break it to you, but you're a nobody.
Tabatha: My Diva trait begs to differ. 

This is the house that Amanda built. My brother saw it and snorted. Architect, I am not.

I'm not an interior designer, either, but give me a break...they only had 3000 simoleons after buying the land. >.>

The kitchen...

And the bedroom, which I decided to "class" up a bit. Ha.

I get them started on the baby-making right away. If I'm going to get her to be a Level 10 Vocalist, I may as well get the kidlets out of the way. As a reminder, this generation there must be two, and only two.

Um, that's your ideal baby-making face Tabatha? ...Nice.

Huh. Guess it worked.

Tabatha: "I'm a big fan of trees. That translates to the bedroom too."
Bryant: *is speechless*

I'll let the photo speak for itself.

...Hahahaha. DENIED.

Tabatha:This boy be crazy! I'm a superstar!
Bryant: SimGod, this is who you gave me to reproduce with? Really?

But I am a persistent SimGod. Yes, my dollies, yes. *steeples fingers*

Then she autonomously "Ta-Da!"ed. I really think I'm going to love this founder.

Tabatha: BOO!

Bryant: It wasn't enough to make me sleep with her? Now I have to put up with her?
SimRouge: Yes.

Tabatha: *smirks*

Tabatha then went on with her day. This typically includes guitar-skilling...

...complimenting herself four times in a row...

...and then snapping her fingers and wiggling them around all sassy like. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in Brooklyn.
Yes, I do it. And yes, I know it's ridiculous.

Then I sent her downtown to get a job as a Vocalist. Simple enough.

All Bryant does is cook and watch the cooking channel. I'm trying to achieve his lifetime goal of being a Culinary Librarian so I can get the Collection Helper :X

After a Sim day of guitar playing and cooking, Tabs woke up feeling a bit ill.
Tabatha: OH WOE IS ME

Oh...ew. Well, it's official! Baby #1 is on the way!

I didn't let that stop her from heading down to the park to perform some Sing-A-Grams.
Tabs: 'Erry day I'm hustlin'.

What was surprising was that she actually got an appreciative crowd. Look at that.

Tabs: They love me! They really love me!

Then she popped into this, flattering outfit.

So I finally had her tell Bryant she - or rather, they - were expecting.

Bryant: Oh...crap.

Bryant: WAIT. I SPAWNED A BABY ON THE FIRST TRY. I'm the effing man!

Of course, the little sprout will have the Kirby name anyway, but now is as good a time as any for them to tie the knot.

Love! DERP.

[insert typical Sim couple smooching picture]

Aw, how touching.

Meanwhile, back at home, Tabatha realizes she may be a bit in over her head.

Bryant is now officially a married man. Not surprising that he ran off to play golf the very first weekend.

I also got him started on his collecting. 1 Butterfly down! A bazillion more to go. :/

For a change of pace though, and so Tabs could do some singing for once, I sent them over to Mick's Karaoke.

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place

Whoa, whoa, whoa, this what I get for giving you that Natural Born Performer trait?
*sits down and munches popcorn*

...And then my ears bled. Bryant, a singer he is not.

After I sent them home, all she did was play with the mirror. For. Hours.

Until this happened! XD
Tabatha: Really? I'm pushing out a giant beach ball out of my hoo-ha, and you're the one screaming?

Bryant: Aw, man, I didn't get to finish my pancakes. :((((

True to the random legacy challenge, I also decided to randomize the names along with the traits for this generation.

Meet the first Kirby of Generation 2! 
Audrey Kirby, born with the Clumsy and Insane traits.
She loves Chinese music, Vegetarian Dim Sum, and the color Pink.
Audrey's a Capricorn.

Next time, the Kirbys pop out the next & last child of generation two, Tabatha auditions for some gigs, and Bryant tries to reach his LTW.

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Very amusing.
I like Tabatha, she's an interesting sim. :)

Thank you! I'm growing to love Tabatha. She's quite the character. ;)

Love the random challenge idea :) & Tabatha is so great, any sim that stands around making silly faces for hours is awesome :P

It's unbelievably fun! You should definitely try it.

And thankkkss. I know. She is already endlessly entertaining for me. I had to stop myself from taking screenshots of her and only her all day.

bryant is a hottaaayyy! can't wait to see how the BBs turn out ;))

Thanks! Haha I feel like such a creeper because he looks exactly like my boyfriend...but Tabatha looks nothing like me so it should be fine :X I can't either...I'm crossing my fingers!

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